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Tooth colored fillings and crowns
We use the most advanced materials and techniques to offer you the most beautiful and esthetic results possible. In conjunction with our laboratory, NRD offers state of the art crown and bridge work. Whether you desire a total smile makeover or routine filling replacement, we can provide you the result you want. After your initial examination, we offer detailed treatment planning and sequencing of treatment to help you optimally manage your insurance benefits and dental needs.

Dr. Lagergren offers the newest and most esthetic implant services to replace missing teeth and improve support for existing partials and dentures. Placement of the implants required will be discussed at your examination or consultation appointment and then coordinated with an oral surgeon. After the referral is completed, Dr. Lagergren can proceed to place the new crown, bridge, or prosthesis to complete the tooth replacement. We offer a full range of implant systems such as Nobel Biocare, 3i, and Zimmer.

Gum assessment and treatment
The key to successful management of your periodontal health is proper diagnosis. At NRD, Dr. Lagergren and the dental hygiene department follow extensive examination protocols to insure that you receive the periodontal treatment you need and the followup maintainance necessary to guarantee healthy gums and supportive tissues for a lifetime.

Oral Surgery
Dr. Lagergren offers routine extractions and utilizes referrals to the Oral Surgeons when indicated or preferred. Each treatment plan includes detailed consultation with Dr. Lagergren to insure patients not only understand the treatment plan but also the benefits and additional services referral treatment can provide.

Dentures and Partials
Dr. Lagergren offers full denture and partial denture services, including fabrication of new dentures and partials, repair or reline of existing work, and new implant retained dentures and partials. At your consultation appointment, all options and pricing will be discussed and the treatment you select can begin when you choose to schedule.

Root Canals
Root canals, or endodontic services are selectively provided at NRD. After the proper diagnosis and treatment plan are completed, your treatment may include a referral to an endodontist, a specialist that utilizes advanced techniques like a microscope for your treatment. After the root canal, you will be returned to our office for a filling or crown to complete your treatment.

Making your visit easier
At NRD, we do our very best to make our patient's visits comfortable and stress-free. We want you to feel like one of the family, and we want you to know we care about your concerns and fears. We encourage your questions and comments to make your visits more pleasant. Additionally, NRD offers Nitrous Oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation for those situations that require more assistance.

Financial Services
Our goal is to keep patients fully aware of the costs of treatment and to help you estimate your insurance benefits. We offer insurance benefit predetermination and supply all patients with a written treatment plan. After you and Dr. Lagergren determine the treatment option you prefer, we will sequence your work to deal with most urgent needs first, and proceed at a financial pace you select. We encourage all our patients to personally explore their insurance benefits plan and to contact your insurance provider directly for specific questions on coverage. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and HealthCare CreditLine.